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Danielle originally thought her professional life would focus on forensics, with an eventual job in a crime lab where she would process evidence and solve crimes. This aspiration blended well with her interest in science and her highly detail-oriented nature, as well as with her love for crime tv shows like “Law & Order” and “CSI.” She took biology and chemistry classes as an undergraduate student at Ohio Northern University where she earned a B.S. degree in Forensics Biology and a minor in Chemistry. But during her last semester in college, she learned about the Innocence Project, which caused a complete pivot in her career plan.

Witnessing the use of DNA testing to exonerate wrongly convicted individuals facing the death penalty sensitized her to the plight of those without access to quality legal representation. Subsequently, an interest in law blossomed, along with a particular passion for the pursuit of justice.

Driven by a strong inclination to help others, Danielle was particularly devastated when her great grandmother was the victim of nursing home abuse in Texas. While living in a dementia unit, an aid stole her wedding rings, badly bruising her finger when they were forcibly removed.

“I know how awful it is when someone is taken advantage of,” says Danielle. Attending criminal hearings was a considerable strain for her great grandmother, but the implicated nurse was convicted of the crime and spent nine months in jail.

Danielle brings to her legal practice experience working for the Public Defender’s Office in Cuyahoga County. Since graduating in the top 10% of her class at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, she has fought aggressively to protect the constitutional rights of indigent individuals and others who suddenly find themselves needing to navigate the courts.

“I’m very cognizant of the fact that clients often aren’t familiar with the legal process,” she says, so she takes a mindful, fully forthcoming approach in all client interactions. By dealing with her clients in a positive, patient and candid manner, she earns their trust and learns their unique stories.

Her work for The Dickson Firm uniformly reflects a sense of urgency and compassion surrounding each person she represents. Her clients find in her a staunch advocate who understands the importance of their particular matter, often involving egregious abuse and neglect in a nursing home.  

In her free time, Danielle likes to complete DIY projects around the house and employ her creativity in any way possible. Some of her artistic abilities find a home in the kitchen where she likes to cook and bake. She particularly enjoyed hand-making many elements for her wedding, including the invitations and the table centerpieces. Serving as a cheerleading coach in Olmsted Falls offers another source of activity beyond the office, and she finds working with the squad members very gratifying.

Danielle M. Chaffin's Profile Image
Phone: (216) 595-6500
Fax: (216) 595-6501

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