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Tristan R. Serri comes from a family of medical providers. Since a young age, Tristan was immersed in the medical field. Wanting to follow in his family’s footsteps he became an Emergency Medical Technician. Tristan saw the impact medical providers can have on individuals in their worst moments. Tristan felt that this was the best way for him to help others in need. While working as an EMT, Tristan cared for many individuals, from children, who were injured in automobile collisions, to elderly people, who had suffered a stroke. While Tristan found this work fulfilling, he began to develop an interest in the law, after seeing patients who needed legal representation.

Tristan then attended the University of Akron, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice. During his undergraduate studies, Tristan became even more drawn to the challenges and the ever changing landscape of the legal profession. Being a lawyer would also enable Tristan to continue his quest to help people in crisis.

Tristan then attended the University of Akron, School of Law where he served both as an Assistant Editor and a Production Editor of the Akron Law Review. Tristan’s Student Comment: An Examination of the Impact of Malpractice Law on Telepsychiatry Clinicians & Clients with Suicidal Ideations, 50 Akron L. Rev. 933 (2016), was chosen for publication. Tristan graduated, Magna Cum Laude, with a Juris Doctorate degree and a certificate in Health Law from the University of Akron, School of Law.

Tristan has a passion for helping people in need. Due to his previous experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, Tristan has firsthand knowledge of the pain and suffering that can be caused by neglect and abuse. He works every day to make a difference for our clients.

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