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‘They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents

Nursing homes across the country are kicking out old and disabled residents and sending them to homeless shelters and rundown motels. Read More

Proper Wound Care is Very Important for all Nursing Home Residents

We represent a lady who had a wound. The staff at the nursing home where she was a resident just kept wrapping it and wrapping it and wrapping it. She was finally sent to the hospital and the wound had deteriorated dramatically. If someone you love i… Read More

Time’s Up Mr. Weinstein.

As Harvey Weinstein is sentenced to what will likely be the rest of his life in prison, and still faces additional charges in California, I wanted to take this opportunity to reconfirm The Dickson Firm’s commitment to standing up for anyone who… Read More


Jutting his famous dimpled chin toward a rapt audience of congressmen, Kirk Douglas Wednesday called upon public officials to conduct “commando raids” of nursing homes to protect elderly residents from abuse and neglect. The jaunty actor,… Read More


James Steen, a registered nurse, recently sued the owners and the operators of the Highland Point Health & Rehab Center Nursing Home located at 402 Gulf View Lane in Highland Heights, Ohio 44143. In his complaint, Mr. Steen alleged that he was an… Read More

Fighting Arbitration Clauses - New Report

Forced arbitration is a rigged system designed by corporations in which injured workers and consumers have no meaningful chance of finding justice. Forced arbitration requires Americans to “agree” to surrender fundamental constitutional rights … Read More


President Trump's response to E. Jean Carroll was "she's not my type." This response is horrific and symbolizes a common and devastating misconception about rape. Rape is about power. Rape is not about being attracted to somebody. Read More

Family plans to sue ManorCare after their 80-year-old father escaped the nursing home and was hospitalized

PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) – Lisa White said she got a call earlier this month from her brother that made her heart drop. “Dad’s missing and I said, how can he be missing, he’s in a nursing home?” she said. White said the staff found her father… Read More

Alzheimer’s Center aide indicted for abuse of elderly patient who later died

A former worker in the Wood Glen Alzheimer’s Community in Miami Twp. was indicted Thursday for beating an elderly patient who died two months later. Vanesha A. Rice, 24, was indicted by a grand jury for a Jan. 25, 2019, incident of patient abuse, a… Read More

Richard Strauss and The Ohio State University must be held accountable

Richard Strauss, the former Ohio State University Athletic Director, who is now deceased, abused at least 177 male students between 1979 and 1998. University officials at the Ohio State University failed to notify the proper authorities, and failed t… Read More

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