Nursing Home Information and Articles

Keeping Your Loved One Safe

So, you have made the difficult decision to place someone you love in a nursing home. You are concerned that they are getting appropriate care. What can you do? Here are some tips to help you keep your loved one safe. Visit The Nursing Home Frequentl… Read More

Choosing a Nursing Home

U.S. News & World Report Best Nursing Homes Many Ohioans face the difficult decision of putting someone they love into a nursing home. If you have never been faced with this decision before you may find it very challenging to choose an appropriat… Read More

How to Prevent Falls at Home and in the Nursing Home

Injuries from accidental falls suffered by elderly individuals are a growing problem in Ohio and throughout the country. The cost of fall-related hospital treatment hit $645,000,000.00 in 2009 in the State of Ohio. About 63% of those falls involved h… Read More

What Can I Do Now That My Loved One is in a Nursing Home?

There are thousands of nursing homes throughout the United States. Most are funded through Medicare and Medicaid. These nursing homes are often understaffed. The residents of these nursing homes often receive poor care. If someone you love is a resid… Read More

What are Decubitus Ulcers?

How to Make a Complaint Against an Ohio Nursing Home

Nursing homes are regulated. Virtually all nursing homes in the state of Ohio receive funds from Medicare or Medicaid. As a result, they are overseen by the Ohio Department of Health. The Ohio Department of Health comes out approximately once a year… Read More