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The Dickson Firm is devoted to the rights of nursing home residents and their families navigating this phase of life. We write and share articles to raise awareness for nursing home neglect & abuse.

Woman with dementia was outside Ohio nursing home 8 hours before dying in cold

A nursing home resident with dementia and a history of wandering off was outside in temperatures hovering around zero for about eight hours before staff members noticed she was missing and found her dead from hypothermia, a state investigation found.… Read More

Elopement Can Lead to Serious Injury

What is elopement? The word evokes an image of two people running off and getting married. However, in the context of a nursing home, elopement is when a resident leaves the nursing home unaccompanied. This could lead to very serious consequences. At… Read More

When nursing homes dump some patients to make more money

As NPR reported, “Nationwide, eviction is the leading complaint about nursing homes. In California last year, more than 1,500 nursing home residents complained that they were discharged involuntarily. That’s an increase of 73 percent since 20… Read More

Forced Arbitration Prevents Nun from being able to Sue after being Raped.

Back in 2011, when Morissette first came to Chateau Vestavia, she had signed the facility’s standard admissions contract. Buried in pages of terms and conditions was what is known as a pre-dispute binding arbitration agreement. By signing it, the e… Read More

Forced Arbitration’s Lethal Consequence

Journalists examining the eight nursing home deaths at Florida’s Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills during Hurricane Irma have begun exploring who’s at fault for this entirely preventable tragedy. But actually, we may never understand the f… Read More

After Florida deaths, Trump administration called out for making it harder to sue nursing homes

This week’s tragedy at a Florida nursing home, where eight people died in the wake of Hurricane Irma, brought to light how the Trump administration is aiming to make it harder for seniors and their families to hold nursing homes accountable. Read More

Ohio nursing homes among the nation's lowest rated in quality of care: A Critical Choice

CLEVELAND, Ohio – For nearly 12 hours, nurses at Normandy Manor of Rocky River accidentally poisoned Susanne Lawrence. The nurses had given her 20 times the prescribed dosage of oxycodone, or 500 milligrams, according to state and federal repor… Read More

Jury awards family $1 million in lawsuit against Beachwood nursing home

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — A jury has awarded the family of a former Beachwood nursing home resident $1 million in a lawsuit filed more than two and a half years ago. The resident, 71-year-old Mary L. Stevens, died in May 2012 at Beachwood Pointe Care C… Read More

See all 26 lowest-rated, one-star nursing homes in Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio — In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services unveiled Nursing Home Compare to help consumers find the best choices in nursing-home care. It uses the star system: One star is the lowest rating, while five is the high… Read More

Ohio nursing home inspectors fail to meet federal deadlines amid serious understaffing: A Critical Choice

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The agency that provides Ohio’s nursing home inspectors — the officials charged with making sure the state’s most vulnerable receive proper care — is understaffed by at least a dozen employees and, for… Read More

The Ohio Supreme Court has only considered two (2) cases that involved the rights of nursing home residents and I was involved in both cases.

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