Attorney Blake A. Dickson teaches on the faculty at the Nursing Home Litigation Group seminar in Nashville

The American Association for Justice is the premier organization of attorneys in the United States who represent individual and their families in lawsuits against big corporations, insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, large pharmaceutical companies etc.  The Nursing Home Litigation Group is a group of attorneys from around the country within the American Association for Justice who represent nursing home residents and their families in lawsuits against nursing homes.  In May of 2016 the Nursing Home Litigation Group held their biannual seminar in Nashville, Tennessee.  This seminar was attended by nursing home attorneys from around the country.  Attorney Blake A. Dickson was asked to speak at the seminar as a senior member of the Nursing Home Litigation Group faculty.  Attorney Blake A. Dickson delivered a lecture about his recent $1 million verdict against the owners and the operators of the Beachwood Pointe Care Centre.  At the end of the 2-week trial of that case, the jury delivered a verdict of $1 million against the owners and the operators of the Beachwood Pointe Care Centre in the case of Daniel P. Lang, as the Personal Representative of the Estate of Mary L. Stevens (deceased) v. Beachwood Pointe Care Center, et al. , which case was filed in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Case No. 803569 and tried to The Honorable Judge Lillian J. Greene.  Attorney Dickson spoke to the attendants of the seminar about that trial and the various things that he and his team had done to get justice for the Stevens family.

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