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Time’s Up Mr. Weinstein.

As Harvey Weinstein is sentenced to what will likely be the rest of his life in prison, and still faces additional charges in California, I wanted to take this opportunity to reconfirm The Dickson Firm’s commitment to standing up for anyone who… Read More


President Trump's response to E. Jean Carroll was "she's not my type." This response is horrific and symbolizes a common and devastating misconception about rape. Rape is about power. Rape is not about being attracted to somebody. Read More

Richard Strauss and The Ohio State University must be held accountable

Richard Strauss, the former Ohio State University Athletic Director, who is now deceased, abused at least 177 male students between 1979 and 1998. University officials at the Ohio State University failed to notify the proper authorities, and failed t… Read More
Ohio State’s Richard St…

Ohio State’s Richard Strauss investigation another sobering reminder that colleges must listen to athletes: Doug Lesmerises

On Friday, Ohio State said at least 177 men were sexually abused by athletic department doctor Richard Strauss, who died years ago. This is according to findings from a law firm that investigated the accusations, concluding that school leaders knew a… Read More

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