Defective Products

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The experienced attorneys at The Dickson Firm represent individuals and their families in lawsuits involving personal injury and wrongful death caused by defective products.

Attorneys in the ConAgra Diacetyl Case

We have been involved in a variety of different cases, including one of the largest product liability cases in Ohio. At the ConAgra popcorn plant in Marion, Ohio, they make microwave popcorn. In the process of making that microwave popcorn they use a chemical called Diacetyl. That chemical caused significant lung problems for the factory workers at that plant. The attorneys at The Dickson Firm represented hundreds of factory workers in multiple lawsuits against the manufacturers of Diacetyl.

Other Products that Cause Injuries

There are many defective products that cause injury. In the recent past there have been large lawsuits involving defective hip replacement parts, defective defibrillators, defective tires that have caused vehicles to roll over, defective vehicles including defective automobiles, defective drugs that have caused various serious side effects. There was recently a very large verdict against Johnson & Johnson for $72 million dollars relative to the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products. There have been cases involving various nutritional supplements that proved to be defective.

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If you or someone you love feel that you have been injured as the result of a bad drug, a defective medicine with horrible side effects, a bad product, a bad product that was implanted during surgery, a defective vehicle, or any other defective product, call the experienced attorneys at The Dickson Firm at 1-800-OHIO-LAW (1-800-644, 6529) and talk with one of our experienced attorneys about your claim.