Nursing Home Assault Attorney

Tragically, nursing home residents are sometimes assaulted by the staff at the nursing home, by other residents, and even by visitors to the nursing home.

Nursing home assault attorney, Blake Dickson, and his team have represented individuals and their families in cases where nursing home residents have been severely injured as a result of assault by another resident. Sometimes these residents have significant emotional problems. Sometimes these residents have violent backgrounds. Some nursing home chains have recruited homeless people, and people with severe mental illnesses, in an attempt to fill the beds of their nursing home, so they can make additional money. Oftentimes these individuals who are recruited by the nursing home are violent and assault other residents.

Sometimes the staff assaults the resident at a nursing home. Sometimes nursing homes employ staff who have drug problems or other issues which make them violent. The attorneys of The Dickson Firm have been involved in cases, where nursing home residents have been beaten and even killed by the staff at the nursing home.

Nursing home residents have a duty to keep their residents safe. They have a duty to provide their residents with a safe environment. If someone you love has been assaulted at a nursing home, you can talk with one of the experienced Ohio nursing home attorneys at The Dickson Firm at 1 (800) OHIO-LAW or (1-800-644-6529).